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ADINA - Finite element analysis software

Explore infinite possibilities with nonlinear analysis

ADINA is powerful finite element software, built to help you solve the most difficult nonlinear problems involving geometric, material, and load nonlinearities; large deformations; and contact conditions. ADINA includes various CAD/CAE interfaces to provide extensive capabilities for pre- and post-processing.

Because every firm has different needs, there are several ADINA software to choose from:

  • ADINA – Includes essentials such as ADINA Structures and CAD/CAE interfaces for linear and nonlinear static and dynamic analysis
  • ADINA Advanced – Includes ADINA essentials, plus ADINA Thermal and ADINA Thermo-Mechanical Coupling
  • ADINA Ultimate – Includes everything in ADINA Advanced, plus computational fluid dynamics, fluid structure interaction, electromagnetics, and multiphysics
  • ADINA Parasolid Interface – An add-on to ADINA, ADINA Advanced, or ADINA Ultimate that provides an interface to all Parasolid-based CAD systems

Versatile stress capabilities

Take advantage of versatile finite elements for solids, shells, beams, trusses, pipes, and special purpose applications. Material models are provided for metals, soils and rocks, plastics, rubber, fabrics, wood, ceramics, and concrete. Conduct linear and nonlinear analysis of 2D and 3D solid elements, structural elements such as truss, beam, pipe, shell, and spring, elements, fluid elements, acoustic elements, or user-defined elements.

Interactive interface

Work with ease through an interactive graphical user interface for all your modeling and pre- and post-processing tasks. You can directly create or import model geometry from various CAD systems, including those that support Parasolid (NX, SolidEdge, and SolidWorks).

Automatically generate meshes

Automatically generate meshing for 3D elements, including mapped meshing that generates brick, wedge, or mixed free-form tetrahedral elements, and general 3D meshing for solids and fluids. Conduct 2D surface meshing for shells, plated, and 2D planar elements, as well as 1D elements, such as truss, beam, and pipe.


Cấu hình


Intel Pentium or AMD processor 1.5 GHz or greater

Operating System

64-bit Windows 7 and higher (*Linux kernel 2.6.32, glibc 2.12 coming soon)


1 GB minimum

Disk Space

2 GB

Graphics Card

Optional: OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics card with at least 1 GB memory for fast graphics mode display


Optional: Intel Visual Fortran14 — only needed for customization of user supplied subroutines

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