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Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction - 3D mapping data feature extraction software

Perform advanced analysis on massive amounts of reality data

Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction allows you to complete simple and complex measurements, extract features, and perform advanced analysis using massive amounts of point cloud, imagery, textured mesh, and traditional GIS resources. In a single, user-friendly environment, you can make measurements and extract features using your aboveground, belowground, or indoor reality data acquired from terrestrial, mobile, UAS, oblique, and aerial mapping systems. Hardware-neutral, Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction gives you a full 3D 360° view of the world by enabling the real-time fusion of various reality data resources of any size from any system. Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction is available in three versions: Basic, Standard, and Pro.

Visualize and navigate 3D mapping data

View and navigate your mapping data in 2D or 3D, automatically play through all supporting images, and overlay any 2D and 3D vector data. Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction lets you set various point-cloud legend options, transparency, and view depth to any 3D point cloud. By defining point cloud viewing modes, you can see stereo, perspective, and isometric 3D views. You can effectively visualize your point-cloud data using colorized hovering capabilities to detect underlying surfaces, snap to the nearest point, and interpolate between points to track surfaces, ridges, and corners.

Optimize and automate your feature extraction workflows

You can efficiently extract poles, traffic signs, and road markings with Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction’s automated detection capabilities, as well as define a perfect set of parameters to complete the verification procedure for quality control. Results stored in your database include all required metadata, such as ground position, height, snapshot, and sign shape. You can create objects with any measurement technique, as well as add attribution, snapshots, and documents to your 3D mapping data.

Organize efficient teamwork with a client-server setup

You can set up your production unit with a central database and workspace management for a team manager and several operators. As a team manager, you can import and prepare mapping data, set up feature extraction workflow and projects, manage resources and databases, and organize teams, permissions, and operator control. You can use the full power of 3DM Feature Extraction to work on the assigned resources and projects. Features are extracted to a central data storage environment that provides real-time adjustments for all operators.


Cấu hình

Operating System
64 bit, Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
Powerful CPU
Graphics Card
Basic GPU with hardware acceleration
8 GB to 16 GB
Disk space
500 MB
Screen Resolution
1920 x 1080 or higher

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