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Orbit 3DM Content Manager - 3D mapping data management software
Catalog, manage, and archive massive amounts of 3D mapping data
Orbit 3DM Content Manager enables you to access, update, manage, and archive massive amounts of point cloud, imagery, textured mesh, and traditional GIS resources. You can ensure the accuracy and detail of your aboveground, belowground, or indoor reality data acquired from terrestrial, mobile, UAS, oblique, and aerial mapping systems. With templates tuned to each vehicle setup, Orbit 3DM Content Manager simplifies importing your 3D mapping data and saves time when exporting views or creating accurate reports. Hardware-neutral and scalable, Orbit 3DM Content Manager gives users a full 3D 360° view of the world by enabling the real-time fusion of various reality data resources of any size from any system.
Manage, catalog, and archive massive amounts of company-wide 3D mapping data
Easily optimize and manage massive amounts of reality data. You can quickly import and organize your 3D mapping data of any size from any system, then easily view, merge, clean, correct, catalog, and archive terabytes of data. The application provides you with a comprehensive overview of all your available 3D mapping data, combined with imagery, vector, and raster mapping data.
Optimize and clean point cloud data for performance, use, and storage
You can efficiently clean point cloud data before sharing mapping projects by removing ghosts. Optimize image quality as well as analyze and report positional accuracy. Moreover, you can easily process colorized point-cloud data and create ortho images from point cloud and spherical imagery. By using the task manager, you can manage your data processing workflows and quickly consolidate the data before sharing with stakeholders.
Enhance and correct 3D mapping data positional accuracy
Analyze positional accuracy using ground control points. Accuracy is visualized on a timeline graph and colorized displays on maps. You can easily load ground control points and measure constraints to instantly preview and process the adjusted trajectory. Post collection camera lever arm and boresight angles can be measured using point cloud reference data.

Improve point cloud quality

Easily clean up multiple passes, moving objects, and noise from your point clouds before consolidating or exporting them to share. You can remove people, move objects, and eliminate inconsistencies and other unwanted elements.


Cấu hình

Operating System
64 bit, Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
Powerful CPU
Graphics Card
Basic GPU with hardware acceleration
8 GB to 16 GB
Disk space
500 MB
Screen Resolution
1920 x 1080 or higher

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