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iTwin Capture Add Real-World Insights To Your Digital Twins With Reality Modeling

iTwin Capture Manage & Extract empowers you to organize, catalog, verify, and adjust your reality data, no matter the size or type. Additionally, the desktop application allows you to complete simple and complex measurements, extract features, and perform advanced analysis using any reality data.


Reality Data and Traditional GIS

Hardware-neutral, independent from any post-processing software, and scalable, iTwin Capture Manage & Extract lets you take massive amounts of spherical images, planar images, oblique images, point clouds, and textured meshes and combine them with traditional GIS resources, such as vector data, orthophotos, and raster images. Import reality data captured with terrestrial, mobile, and aerial mapping systems, taken on the road, rail, water, and in the air, both indoor and outdoor, and aboveground and belowground.

Visualize and Navigate

View and navigate your mapping data in 2D or 3D, automatically play through all supporting images, and overlay any 2D and 3D vector data. ITwin Capture Manage & Extract lets you set various point cloud legend options, such as transparency and view depth. By defining point cloud viewing modes, you can see stereo, perspective, and isometric 3D views. You can also effectively overlay your point cloud data on images using colorized hovering capabilities to detect underlying surfaces, snap to the nearest point, and interpolate between points to track surfaces, ridges, and corners.

Manage, Catalog, and Adjust Reality Data

ITwin Capture Manage & Extract enables you to manage, catalog, access, adjust, and verify your reality data. Smart templates simplify and enable automation to import your reality data from any capturing system and post-processing software. Verify and correct the accuracy of capture data using ground control points, trajectory adjustment, and tools for post-collection calibration. Catalog and organize your data, and then complete metadata and tagging to keep your project overview and get easy access to any data at any time.

Extract Assets and Advanced Analysis

ITwin Capture Manage & Extract allows you to complete simple and complex measurements, extract features, and perform advanced analysis. You can make measurements using any reality data and extract them into GIS features.

Create and verify your asset inventory. Perform manual, semi-, and full-automated measurements using point cloud data, combined with object-oriented workflows and domain-specific analysis, such as bridge clearance, clash detection, profiles and cross sections, and road rutting analysis. 

Enable artificial intelligence (AI) by annotating your reality data, launching trained AI models on imagery and point clouds, verifying auto-generated reality data annotations, and turning annotations into real 3D objects. 

Teamwork Using a Centralized Database 

Operators can work independently or collaborate to become efficient feature production teams. 

Team managers can set up your production unit, import reality data, prepare feature extraction workflow, and manage workspaces for multiple operators. 

Extracted assets can be stored in the centralized database that provides real-time adjustments for all operators. Additional metadata, attribute information, documents, and snapshots can be added or attached. 

Simple procedures maximize the operator's productivity. Team and user activity is logged to create reports and get insights for finetuning your production. 


Cấu hình

Operating System

64 bit, Microsoft Windows 7 or higher

Windows Server 2003 or higher


Intel Core i7 equivalent or higher


16 GB

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