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OpenBridge Designer - Bridge design and analysis software

OpenBridge Designer combines modeling, analysis, and design into one comprehensive bridge product and creates a true BIM model of your bridge from the beginning of the project.

  • Model, design, and analyze steel and concrete bridges

  • Perform construction sequence investigation

  • Easily manage project changes

  • Integrate roadway geometry and topography

What is OpenBridge Designer?

OpenBridge Designer provides the latest technology and capabilities to efficiently model, design, and produce project deliverables in a dynamic, interactive, and parametrically-enabled environment. This single application supports all aspects of a detailed bridge design including terrain, roadways, access ramps, and other related infrastructure assets. With OpenBridge Designer’s model-centric methodology, users will be efficient and reliable when managing changes to construction documents, such as clash detection, roadway geometry, and bridge geometry. Meet project demands on time, every time.

OpenBridge Designer provides the workflows, toolsets, and flexibility necessary to deal with real-life design scenarios. The application adapts to virtually any bridge design and maintenance workflow and is suitable for any concrete strength, volume, weight, structural steel grade, and beam type. Use a single product to create an interoperable physical and analytical model for steel and concrete bridges, which can be utilized throughout the bridge’s lifecycle.

  • Accelerate performance using one application
    Perform analysis, design, and load-rating all in one environment to directly exchange project information, including bridge geometry, materials, loads, pre-stressing strand patterns, shear reinforcement, cross-frames, diaphragms, and stiffeners, to improve decision making during design and construction.

  • Create intelligent models
    Produce intelligent, parametric models rich in engineering content for various bridge components, including concrete compressive strength, structural steel grade, standard beam designations, and more. OpenBridge Designer reuses data from various stakeholders to ensure relevant, up-to-date geometry all within one model.

  • Improve collaboration
    Collaborate across disciplines for analysis, design, detailing, documentation, construction engineering, and load rating. Access DGN models for highways alignments, profiles, and ground information, as well as LandXML files. If reference data changes, the parametric and rule-based bridge model responds automatically.

  • Model, design, and analyze concrete and steel bridges
    Create interoperable physical and analytical models of both concrete and steel bridges. Streamline the modeling, analysis, design code checking, detailed design reports, and automated drawings for concrete bridges of all types while ensuring design codes are met. Ensure load-rates and optimize I-girder and tub-girder steel bridges using Finite Element Modeling and Response Spectrum Analysis.

  • Mitigate risk with conflict analysis
    Perform conflict analysis of bridge structures with existing infrastructure to eliminate errors prior to construction to save time and reduce costly rework.

  • Perform construction sequence investigation
    Review phases in stage-wise construction to compare results, detect relevant states, and produce result envelopes for evaluation to solve problems related to creep, shrinkage, and other issues before construction.

  • Produce required deliverables
    Produce the deliverables needed for bridge design projects using a model-based design that centralizes data and accelerates the delivery of deliverables from a single application. Deliver plans, 3D design data, earthwork, reports, visualizations, BIM deliverables, and construction data to meet project requirements.

  • Enhance visualization
    Help project team members, stakeholders, and clients better understand the bridge project and design environment with 3D bridge models. Quickly verify bridge geometry and provide plan, elevation, and cross-section views. Measure vertical and horizontal clearances, view time-lapse construction animation, and perform clash detection. Use LumenRT to create stunning animations of the project.



OpenBridge Designer

A single product that creates interoperable physical and analytical models to be utilized throughout the lifecycle of both steel and concrete bridges.

OpenBridge Modeler

3D parametric modeling software for bridges. Integrate with civil design applications and leverage enhanced visualization.

Ease of Use

  • Intelligent graphical user interface
  • U.S. customary and metric (SI) units
  • Comprehensive 3D physical bridge modeling
  • 2D views, with dimensions using Dynamic Views
  • User customizable libraries
  • Variety of reporting formats
  • Intuitive dialogue driven workflows
  • Cross-section template for complex geometry
  • Catalog of appurtenances
  • Automated bridge creation (ABC wizard)

Intelligent Analysis and Design

  • Concrete Bridges
    • Supports majority of everyday concrete bridges; precast, pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete bridges
    • Supports almost all common substructure types
    • Supports AASHTO LRFD, LFD, LRFR, and design codes in Canada and India
    • Supports LATAM and SEAN countries that use AASHTO code
    • Strut-and-tie modeling (U.S. version)
    • Single girder or whole-width analysis
    • Thermal load analysis
    • Prestress loss calculation by time-dependent specs (LFD and LRFD; CHBDC)
    • Multimode response spectrum analysis for seismic design
  • Steel Bridges
    • Supports majority of everyday steel bridges; straight and curved steel I-girder and tub-girder bridges
    • Supports almost all common substructure types
    • Supports AASHTO LRFD and LRFR codes
    • Design optimization for I-girder and tub-girder members
    • Line girder, grillage, and 3D finite element analysis
    • Multimode response spectrum analysis for seismic design
    • Deck placement sequence analysis
    • Automatic dead load calculation for self-weight of girders, cross frames, concrete deck, and appurtenances
    • User-defined dead load: uniform, trapezoidal, and point loads
    • Automatic load case generation

Modeling and Visualization Capabilities

  • Superstructure and substructure modeling
  • Bridge Types
    • Precast prestressed concrete girder
    • Cast-in-place and post-tensioned concrete box girder
    • Cast-in-place and post-tensioned concrete T-beam
    • Cast-in-place and post-tensioned concrete slab
    • Steel I-girder
    • Steel tub-girder
  • Bridge Components:
    • Deck slab
    • Girders; steel – rolled, built up I-girder or tub-girder, concrete – precast I-girder, box, T-beam
    • Abutments
    • Piers: cap, column, footing, piles
    • Variable columns and caps
    • Wing walls
    • Bearings and beam seats
    • Light poles
    • Crash barriers
    • Medians
  • Parametric, intelligent bridge components
  • Intuitive, dialogue-driven workflows
  • Rule-based and constraint-driven modeling
  • Clash detection and clearances
  • Solid and transparent views
  • Lifelike rendering
  • Reference roadway information and ground data
  • Construction scheduling and animation using Navigator

Versatile Reporting Options

  • Deck elevations report
  • Beam-seat elevations report
  • Material quantities report
  • Cost estimate report
  • Camber diagram
  • Input Echo report
  • Formats:
    • PDF
    • HTML
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel

Automated Drawing Generation

  • DGN and DWG drawings
  • Plan and elevation drawings
  • Bridge framing plans
  • Precast, prestressed concrete girders
  • Piers

Integration with Other Software

  • Direct data exchange with MicroStation®, OpenRoads, OpenRail, InspectTech, ProStructures, gINT, and more
  • AASHTO BRIDGEWare database
  • File formats: DGN, DXF, XML, and LandXML


Cấu hình

Intel® Pentium®-based or AMD Athlon®-based processor 2.0 GHz or greater

Operating System
Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit)

8 GB minimum, 32 GB recommended

1GB of video RAM or higher recommended

Disk Space
10 GB minimum free disk space

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