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SACS Collapse - Offshore collapse analysis software 

  • Automate offshore structural workflows

  • Perform multi-linear elasto-plastic analysis

  • Perform offshore collapse analysis

Identify failure mechanisms from a range of dynamic events

SACS Collapse is collapse analysis software that allows you to determine the structural operating limits of your offshore structures. You can identify failure mechanisms ranging from pushover and ship impact to dropped object, and blast analysis. The application’s easy-to-use, non-linear finite element analysis capabilities help you reduce the risk of structural failure caused by extreme loads from environmental conditions or accidental events. Conduct full plastic analysis for initial, recertification, and safety case design and expedite workflows using the standard SACS analysis input data. You can easily visualize the outcome of full plastic analysis, including effects from impulse and time-based loading by graphically displaying collapse results. Graphically show failure progression, gradual plastification, and collapse mechanisms. SACS Collapse is fully integrated with SACS Offshore Structure, so no new modeling is required, while data integrity is assured.

Save time and reduce errors because by modeling both the structure and foundation in one environment. Coupling it with the SACS Dynamic Response module improves the accuracy of structure performance predictions.

Accelerate accurate predictions

SACS Collapse provides the ability to automate predictions with a high degree of certainty, whether analyzing non-linear structural behavior or large deflection elasto-plastic response for platforms or piles.

Automate offshore structural workflows

Customizable templates within a common structural model make it easier to manage multiple analyses. Automatically pass data from one analysis step to another using industry-standard methodologies. These automated workflows simplify managing large and complex models, which encourages the team to explore more collapse scenarios.


Technical Capabilities



  • Precede Graphical Modeler
  • Datagen Intelligent Editor
  • Gap Elements
  • Superelements


  • Seastate Wave, Wind, Current
  • Buoyancy, Mud flow
  • Gravity, Inertial
  • Skid, Moving


  • SACS IV Solver
  • Large Deflection (LDF)
  • PSI Pile/Structure Analysis
  • Liquefaction
  • Wind Turbine Analysis
  • Dynpac Modal Analysis
  • Collapse
  • Collapse Advanced


  • Combine Solution Files
  • Post Offshore Code Design
  • Concrete Design
  • Postvue Graphical Redesign
  • Joint Can
  • Interactive Fatigue
  • Dynamic Fatigue
  • Wave Fatigue


  • Nonlinear collapse analysis
  • Linear and nonlinear material behavior
  • Nonlinear springs
  • Sequential load stacking capability
  • Activate and deactivate elements
  • Joint flexibility options
  • Impact analysis with automatic unloading, built-in DNV ship indentation curves and energy absorption functionality
  • Load cases may contain loading and/or specified displacements
  • Includes geometric nonlinearities
  • Plastic members and finite elements
  • Includes piles with nonlinear soils and plasticity
  • Soil liquefaction effects
  • Plastic DKT plates

*These capabilities are unique to SACS Collapse module.



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