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OpenFlows SewerGEMS

Advanced tools for sanitary and combined sewer models

SewerGEMS is an easy-to-use advanced engineering software for you to analyze, design, and operate sanitary and combined sewer systems. You can decrease decision risks by ensuring that the model uses the best available data, built-in hydraulic and hydrology capabilities, and a variety of wet-weather calibration methods. Easily create what-if scenarios to gain a better understanding of wastewater systems to make smarter decisions, and you can improve your response times. SCADA integration provides you with reliable model results, improves capacity and limits sewer overflows. This enables you to comply with sewer regulations set by regulatory agencies. Better understand surface flood depth and velocity, flood hazard, and inundation times with the new user-friendly 1D/2D hydraulic analysis capability.

Work in multiple platforms

Flatten learning curves by choosing the environment that works best for you. With superior interoperability, SewerGEMS helps users get results that can be visualized on multiple platforms. You can choose from these platforms:
  • Windows standalone for ease of use, accessibility, and performance
  • ArcGIS for GIS integration, thematic mapping, and publishing
  • MicroStation for bridging geospatial planning and engineering design environments
  • OpenRoads Designer, OpenSite Designer, and OpenRail Designer for a comprehensive 3D modeling solution
  • AutoCAD for convenient CAD layout and drafting

1D/2D hydraulic analysis

User-friendly tools connect 1D network elements with 2D surface flows. Better understand surface flooding depth and velocity, flood hazard, and inundation times, and communicate this information to stakeholders with versatile mapping and reporting tools.

Jumpstart the model building process

Leverage geospatial data, CAD drawings, SCADA data, databases, and spreadsheets to quickly kickstart modeling building processes. Easily connect with virtually any digital data format and synchronize database connections, geospatial links, and advanced model-building modules. And guarantee a hydraulically coherent model using the drawing and connectivity review capabilities.

Easy model management with scenarios

Evaluate design, operational, sanitary loading, and network topology strategies for better decision-making support. Configure, evaluate, visualize, and compare an unlimited number of scenarios within a single file using the Scenario Management Center.

Perform advanced analysis

Model the effect that low impact development controls have in retaining runoff before it enters the sewer system. Model hydrogen sulfide formation, with a view to decreasing the risk of pipe damage from H2S formation, preventing odor complaints, and improving workers’ safety.


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System Requirements

Refer to the ‘Installation Requirements’ section of the SewerGEMS ReadMe file.

Platform pre-requirements
SewerGEMS runs without platform restrictions as a standalone application. It also runs from within ArcGIS, AutoCAD, MicroStation, OpenRoads Designer, OpenRail Designer, and OpenSite Designer. The requirements are also available in the SewerGEMS ReadMe file.

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