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CAESAR II® is the industry standard for pipe stress analysis, letting you build, assess and report on piping systems of any size or complexity in accordance to more than 35 international piping code standards with multiple editions and alternative calculations as well as many environmental and equipment guidelines. Integration with CAD design packages lets you quickly import models, reducing risk for errors and costly iteration time between CAD and Stress Analysis divisions.

Increase Productivity
Take advantage of static and dynamic analysis with cutting-edge graphics.
Save Time
Benefit from intuitive analysis model creation.
Improve Data Accuracy
Make use of design tools and wizards along with comprehensive error checking.
Data Input
CAESAR II makes it easy to input and display all the data needed to accurately define a piping system analysis model.
Cutting-edge Graphics
The CAESAR II input graphics module makes quick work of developing analysis models while clearly indicating areas of concern.
Design Tools and Wizards
Such tools take the guess work out of producing accurate analysis and recommending practical design changes.
  • • Static analysis

  • • Dynamic analysis

  • • Intuitive analysis model creation

  • • Design tools and wizards

  • • Load and view plant model

  • • Comprehensive error checking

  • • Robust load case definitions

  • • User-definable reports

  • • Wind and wave analysis

  • • Seismic and support settlement analysis

  • • International piping code support

  • • Multiple code editions support

  • • ASME B31J SIFs and Flexibilities

  • • Spring Can with Friction builder

  • • Extensive material databases

  • • Steel databases and modeling

  • • Expansion joint databases

  • • Hanger design and databases

  • • Integration with Intergraph Smart®

  • 3D and CADWorxdesign solutions

  • • Results export to Microsoft®

  • Excel®, Word and MDB files



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