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PLAXIS Monopile Designer - Monopile design software

Reduce costs of onshore and offshore wind farms

PLAXIS Monopile Designer offers an enhanced design method that dramatically reduces the amount of steel needed for monopile foundations, lowering the overall costs of wind farms. It allows the transfer of results of the PISA Joint Industry Research Project into daily engineering practices.


Reducing costs gives you an edge in the highly competitive offshore wind industry. PLAXIS Monopile Designer enables less conservative dimensioning of each monopile in a wind farm, while less steel translates into lower fabrication, transportation, and installation costs.
Reduce the length of piles

PLAXIS Monopile Designer allows you to analyze the ability of monopile foundations to resist lateral loads on the basis of a 1D Timoshenko beam finite element model. This enhanced design method provides accuracy – including large diameter monopiles and realistic soil reaction curves – while retaining many of the assumptions of the more conventional p-y approach. Research shows that this can potentially decrease the embedded length of piles by as much as 35%.

Technical Capabilities


Seamless integration with PLAXIS 3D

Nonlinear soil reaction curves for lateral loading, rotation, base shear, and base rotation (PISA) or lateral loading only (API)


Automatically calibrate soil reaction curves

Although you can use PLAXIS Monopile Designer as a stand-alone application and supply your own soil reaction curves, pairing it with PLAXIS 3D will automate these calculations. PLAXIS 3D calibrates curves numerically, based on the design space and specific properties of the site, whether offshore or onshore.


  • Automatic calibration and optimization of numerical soil reaction curves (PLAXIS 3D)

  • Robust 1D kernel with highly efficient calculation times


  • Realistic assessment of displacements and structural forces

  • Visualization and export of numerical (PLAXIS 3D) and parametric soil reaction curves

Seamlessly integrate with the PLAXIS environment

Using PLAXIS Monopile Designer in conjunction with PLAXIS 3D is simple and provides a robust and proven solution for offshore wind sites, whether bottom-fixed or floating. PLAXIS 3D provides a broad range of capabilities, multicore calculations, and 64-bit architecture. With add-on modules 3D PlaxFlow and 3D Dynamics, you can tackle the largest and most complex geotechnical models, including jackets, tripods, and suction anchors.

More Capabilities

  • Timoshenko beam theory ensures accurate results even for large diameter monopiles

  • Optimized design method for monopile foundations


Cấu hình

MINIMUM: Intel Pentium-based or AMD Athlon-based processor, Windows 10 or Windows 11, 4 GB RAM, 2 GB hard disk, video card with

256 MB VRAM that supports OpenGL 3.3, display 1024 px by 768 px or better

RECOMMENDED: 8 GB RAM (more memory typically results in better performance)

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