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ADAPT-SOG produces effective, accurate designs with confidence. Other design approaches for post-tension slab-on-grade foundations rely on simplified and approximate methods which largely lead to overly conservative designs. ADAPT-SOG differs by providing an accurate 3D Finite Element Analysis. Unparalleled modeling flexibility allows you to model any foundation configuration, including grade beams, piers, and ribs, as well as plan irregularities, steps in the slab, and varying soil properties. Gravity and Lateral loading can be applied at any location on the slab. Simple modeling tools support the layout of post-tensioning tendons as they will be constructed. The software analyzes the slab and automatically checks allowable stress limits at critical locations. Engineers and lawyers count on ADAPT-SOG to ensure investigative evaluation reports are professional and clear, with sophisticated results output, including deflection contours, graphic displays of soil pressures and concrete stresses. ADAPT-SOG automatically generates post-tension tendon layout drawings for use in construction documents including tendon elongations and drapes.

ADAPT-SOG enables the designer to consistently provide efficient designs in challenging sites with the confidence that the slabs will perform significantly better than designs from other approaches, reducing risk in potential litigation.


Ứng dụng

  • Sàn nhà khu dân cư (khu tập thể)

  • Sàn công nghiệp nhẹ

  • Sàn sân teninis, bóng rổ...

  • Sàn siêu phẳng (nhà kho, sưởng gia công nhẹ...)

Tính năng chung

  • Generates a true three-dimensional solid model of the entire mat foundation and grade beams using its in-built Builder-Modeler and

    • DWG/DXF files, or

    • By using ADAPT's unique and easy-to-use Component Technology to assemble the structure

  • Handles non-rectangular and irregular and complex foundation plans

  • Treats multiple foundation soil properties below the same foundation slab

  • Models steps above and below the mat slab and grade beams

  • Place tendons in beam or slab, straight or profiled in any direction

  • Apply loads of any configuration, anywhere on the slab in addition to the perimeter loading

  • View and examine the solid model to verify the accuracy of the structure's representation

  • Performs a detailed finite element analysis of the entire foundation system and its supporting structure using automatic adaptive meshing, flat shell and frame elements

  • Performs code check and reports the location and amount and length of reinforcement needed

  • Generates highly professional graphical and tabular reports, including plans for tendon layout with elongation

Tiêu chuẩn & đơn vị

ADAPT-SOG supports UBC (Uniform Building Code) and PTI procedure 

The program supports the following units:

  • SI

  • MKS

  • American Customary



Cấu hình

  • 32 bit PC running Windows Vista or Windows 7

  • 64 bit PC running windows 7 or Windows 8

  • Minimum of 4 GB RAM

  • Available hard drive space of 1 GB

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